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For more information about Farms and Mines, go to Farms/Mines.

this is a basic Stone Mine and a Tree Farm

this is an Advanced Stone Mine (Every advanced dropper will have a green frame)

Farms and Mines are Machines that are used to infinitely generate the material that the mine or farm (Mines are for Ores, Farms are for Trees) is correlated to. Like every other Machine, these can be purchased from the Shop for a given price, mainly being balanced on the current Tier the player is on (Or alternatively, you can complete certain Tasks that will give you a free farm or mine depending on what the task is). Every Farm and Mine has an Advanced version, which will produce said material at double the speed (Regular versions drop material every 10 seconds, while the Advanced versions will drop every 5 seconds). Advanced Farms and Mines are usually around 4.5 times the price as a regular one. There is one regular and one advanced dropper for each Ore and Wood obtainable in the game.

Legendary Farms and Mines

Every Farm and Mine has a Legendary version of it, which will produce said material at triple the speed (3.3 seconds) The Legendary version can be obtained using a crate (25% chance on advanced crates and 100% chance on legendary crates) Crates can be obtained by exchanging robux for it or by redeeming a code. The player can also get crates in the daily chest. After purchasing the player will receive a crate, which they can open to get a random Mine or Farm from the current Tier they are on.

How To Use

This is a legendary Ultrawood Farm (Every legendary dropper will have a blue frame)

The Farms and Mines can be a little tricky to set up for the newer player, as they are not told right off the start unless they find the tutorial themselves in-game. Dropper Machines will only work if there is a Conveyor in front of the mine's drop area. You can find the drop area by looking for the orange and black square on the front side of the dropper. If there is no conveyor for the materials to drop onto, the machine will not produce anything. Droppers are very useful for gathering material that is difficult or tedious to get. Another way to use droppers is to have a chute directly in front of it. The dropper will center the ore inside of the chute, and the ore will fall through the chute. This is useful if you want to stack droppers.

List of Farms and Mines

Farm Name Picture Tier Buy Cost (Normal) Buy Cost (Advanced)
Wood Farm 1 $??? $???
Hardwood Farm 2
Superwood Farm 3
Ultrawood Farm 4
Petrified Tree Farm 5
Tropical Tree Farm 6
Coral Farm 7
Mine Name Picture Tier Buy Cost (Normal) Buy Cost (Advanced)
Stone Mine 1
Copper Mine 1
Sand Mine 1
Iron Mine 2
Gold Mine 2
Titanium Mine 3
Resinite Mine 3
Diamond Mine 3
Uranium Mine 3
Tungsten Mine 4
Bluemetal Mine 4
Redmetal Mine 4
Icecrystal Mine 4
Lavacrystal Mine 4
Osmium Mine 5
Shroomite Mine 5
Weird Ore Mine 5
Energy Crystal Mine 5
Salt Crystal Mine 6
Ambernite Mine 6
Silver Mine 6
Sanctium Mine 6
Diablium Mine 6
Lead Mine 6
Samaruim Mine 7
Cobalt Mine 7
Nickel Mine 7
Zinc Mine 7
Prismarine Crystal Mine 8
Molten Crystal Mine 8
Mithril Mine 8
Plutonium Mine 8
Steelix Mine 8
Silicon Mine 8